No longer are people sticking to generic baby gender revealing texts and messages. People are taking things to a whole new level. And it is a momentous occasion to celebrate. Here in this article, we have looked into some cool ways to reveal your baby’s gender to your loved ones. FYI, the colour blue represents a boy and the colour pink represents a girl.

  1. Gotta Catchem all

If you are an anime fan or if you have grown up watching pokemon; we are sure you must have always dreamt of throwing a pokeball. Well now is the time to throw a pokeball at your awaiting guests and see it explode revealing the gender in a cloud of coloured smoke.

  1. Sorting Hat

Harry potter fans, we have got the perfect method for you. Gather your friends and family and lift the sorting hat; as the hat is hoisted up, you can see the gender being revealed by a coloured cloth inside. You can take things even further by attaching a scroll that can be opened to reveal whether your little one is going to be a witch or a wizard.

  1. May the force be with you

If you are a star wars nerd; then get an LED light saber and twirl it around as your guests wait in attendance to see whether you are going to be having a little princess Leia running around or a naughty luke sywalker who is ready to take your legacy forward.

  1. Piñata

This is quite a common tradition in most Spanish and Latin American families where the eldest sibling whacks a piñata to reveal the gender of the unborn baby. The entire event is like a celebration and is attended by almost all the family members. Usually the ceremony also has a big feast lined up to celebrate the birth of the yet to be born toddler. Expect a lot of partying with this sort of celebration.

  1. Smoke Bomb

A smoke Bomb is a lot of fun; some families take things as far as surprising the husband as well. There are a number of videos online wherein the mother throws a smoke bomb in the air, with the whole family along with her husband waiting in anticipation to see what the gender of the baby is going to be. Smoke bombs are a cheap option and don’t require much cost or preparation.

Regardless of what method you choose, remember that the occasion is of celebratory nature and needs to be well designed and planned out. Also remember that price isn’t everything and that you can make almost all of these things at the comfort of your home without having to shell big bucks for them. We would like to end this article by congratulating you on this momentous occasion.