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How to Keep Your Baby Healthy During the Summer

With the passing of winter and the change of season, there’s a lot to consider if you have a little baby in your home and while winter was scary enough paired with all the germs and colds, summer shouldn’t be taken lightly either.

Tips for Keeping Your Baby Healthy During Summer

  • Protect your baby from the sun

If you’ve been sunburnt, you know how bad the results are after being in the sun for that extra hour without sun protection. Now, imagine how bad it could be for your baby as they tend to have extremely sensitive skin and when compared to adults, very tiny immune systems. Another important thing to remember is that, just because the sun isn’t out and shining brightly in the sky, does not mean your baby is protected against it and that it’s not affecting your baby’s skin either. As step that is skipped on a regular basis when it comes to morning routines, some people do acknowledge the power of the sun and that even though it’s not extremely hot outside, their skin is still affected by it. It’s thus also important for adults to add sun protection to their skin, but no more than a 15 factor on a regular given day. For babies, however, you’ll have to add a 30 factor at least to keep the sun’s effects at bay. You should also never allow your baby to be in direct sunlight for too long either.


  • The dress attire is ‘cool’ mom.

No, we’re not talking about hip and on-trend clothing, but rather clothes that will make your baby feel comfortable and allow them to cool down as too much heat could cause your baby to dehydrate and lose water in his/her little body which can cause heat rashes and bacteria on your baby’s skin.

  • Don’t allow your baby near the pool or water unless you’re holding them

Unless you thought it’s okay for anyone else to take your baby in a pool, don’t. First of all, if your baby isn’t older than 12 weeks, you shouldn’t be exposing him/her to cold water in the first place. If older, it’s important to be with your baby as an accident can occur at any time.

  • Give your baby fluids regularly

During the summer, whether your baby is indoors or outdoors, heat can be very overwhelming and cause your baby to overheat and dehydrate. This is due to the fact that they can’t control they’re own body temperature effectively as adults do. If your baby has had a dry nappy for a long time, if his/her urine is dark or they’re lethargic, you need to give them proper fluids.