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How to handle a newborn baby?

Newborn babies are very delicate, and there are certain things you need to know before you handle them. Becoming parents for the first time can be overwhelming, but as you handle the baby, you will start to learn many things and understand how things work.  Going through pregnancy, labour and delivery can be tough, but the real deal comes after the baby is born. Both the parents need to work hand in hand to take care of the baby. You will lose ample amount of sleep, and you will become stressed. The following are some of the tips to help you handle a newborn baby:

Sanitise everything:

The immune systems of babies will not be fully developed, and thus you need to be very careful when you go near the baby. Always wash your hands while carrying the baby and make sure that all the baby products are sanitised and germ-free. They are at high risk for infections, and thus you need to be very careful not to allow any germs near the baby. Make sure to change the diaper frequently to prevent infections. You can also apply ointment to avoid rashes.

Learn how to hold the baby:

Newborn babies are very fragile, and you need to learn how to hold them before you can carry them. The newborn babies do not know how to hold their head, and thus you need to support it with your hand. When you are carrying the baby upright, make sure that you support the neck and the head of the baby.


Never shake the baby:

In our excitement, we tend to carry the baby too fast or shake it thinking that it will be fun for them. Bu shaking the baby can cause bleeding in the brain, and things can get out of control. Even if you want to wake the baby up, make sure that you are not shaking the baby. Gently tickle or tap on the baby’s feet to wake the baby.

Newborn babies are not tough enough to play with you:

You need to remember that your baby is very fragile and you need to be extremely careful while handling them. It is common that you will have the urge to play with the baby, but you need to be gentle while handling them. They are not ready for playing rough games with you or their older siblings or other kids.

Bond with your child:

While providing infant care, you need to bond with your baby. As parents, you can develop a deep connection with your baby, and when you are close to your baby, you can develop an emotional connection. You can talk to them and even sing to them. Babies will love listening to your voice, and they will be comfortable to be around you.