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Foods you should never give babies

For every parent, it is a big step when they have to start giving solid food to their baby. Naturally, this is also a cause for confusion as to what should and shouldn’t be given to the baby. A child might be fascinated with every food item close to their mouths, it is the responsibility of the parent to filter and make sure only the good stuff enters the body of the child. The baby should be allowed to taste various items once it crosses the six-month threshold but before that it is essential to listen to health experts. Here’s a list of food items that should be avoided while feeding babies.



Honey is delicious but clostridium botulinum spores can also be caused by it. In a baby’s intestines, it may develop and cause infant botulism.

Peanut butter

Peanut butter, as the name suggests, is made from peanuts. This is a highly allergy causing nut and so is the thick tasty butter. Children also choke on it.

These vegetables

Nitrate levels in vegetables like spinach, fennel or lettuce are very high for an infant to digest. Their stomachs aren’t built to dissolve them and this in turn blocks their blood’s ability to transport oxygen.


These fishes

Mackerel, swordfish and tuna have extremely high mercury levels. These shouldn’t be given to an infant under any circumstances. However, fishes like cod, haddock or sole could be served to them after removing the bones.



Salt quantity which is less than 1 gram in a day also suffices the baby. Breast milk has all the essential needs and large amounts of sodium in an infant’s diet would cause problems in its system.


Berries and citrus

Citrus fruits contain high percentages of acid and may even causes rashes on an infant’s body in addition to an upset stomach. Berries like blueberries or raspberries have a protein which cannot be easily digested by them also.


Seeds and nuts

Seeds and nuts are highly allergic and also one of those food items that babies easily choke on. Since a child’s airway isn’t big, any tiny seed could also block it.



Grapes are one fruit that every kid like but it should not be given to them till they attain a certain age. Grapes are a good snack because they are filled with nutrients and are sweet, but they can’t be broken down completely.  This is a hazard as children might choke on it.


Egg whites

Although babies might love eggs, they run the risk of severe allergic reactions, especially to egg whites.  This is a very common situation which might be avoided by separating the egg whites and cooking the yolk part of the egg thoroughly before serving it to the child.