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Baby Shower Tradition in The United States of America

Baby Shower Tradition in The United States of America

Baby showers are given to pregnant women who are expecting to have their baby very soon.  A small celebration is done, and people give gifts to the mother and await the new member in the family.

In many cultures, the baby shower is a way to celebrate a girl transforming into motherhood. While in the USA, a baby shower is usually celebrated for the pregnant mother, and she is given gifts. Mostly women are invited to the baby shower, and they have a small party and give away gifts to the women who is pregnant and is expecting her baby.

The term baby shower itself tells us that the mother of the baby is being showered with gifts.

The party or the celebration is usually conducted by the close friend or by the sister of the women who is expecting her baby.

Close family members and loved ones also take the initiative and plan out the baby shower.

Baby Shower Tradition in The United States of America

In this article, you will be reading about the baby showers which are hosted in the United States of America.

  • Gifts.
  • Baby shower celebrations.
  • Baby shower food.
  • Baby announcement tips.


As we all guess from the term baby shower, that the pregnant mother is being showered with gifts from her friends, family and all the other loved ones. Mostly ladies are invited to the baby shower, and one of her close friends or a close member of the family usually host the baby shower.

Gifts are usually baby themed. Many people give baby diapers, feeding bottles, baby towels, blankets, clothes for the baby and toys.

Sometimes gifts for the mother is also given during the baby shower.

Baby shower celebrations:

Since the close friend or loved one of the pregnant women arranges the baby shower, she usually makes it in such a way that the expected mother could enjoy her baby shower.

The pregnant mother is usually tensed about the delivery and various other things. So this celebration is a way to calm her down and make her happy and feel good about the baby which is going to come.

Baby shower food:

The baby shower is usually celebrated during tea time.  Sometime in the morning or the evening, the close friends of the expecting mother are invited, and the baby shower is celebrated.

Usually, tea is given out to the guest, and personalized cakes and chocolates are also given out.

Personalized biscuits and other snacks are given out to the guests. Few parties also arrange for a small lunch or dinner for the guests who come for the baby shower.

Baby announcement tips:

The baby announcement is sometimes made after the birth of the baby, but sometimes it is also done during the baby shower. You can give away take away gifts to show your thankfulness to the guests who come to your party.

You can also use fancy personalized cards with some nice wording on the card.  Personalized cards can be a great way to show your show your love and care.