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Baby Birth Announcement Gifts

Baby Birth Announcement Gifts

Announcing the birth of your child is always a joy to the family, friends and loved ones.  A new member of the family is always a happy news. The baby is certainly a gift from above.

On this special occasion, you always want to give away gifts to your friends and family members. Giving a gift while announcing the birth of your baby adds on to the joy. Gifts are given in many happy occasion; a baby announcement time is also one such happy occasion which requires gifts.

Baby Birth Announcement Gifts

So if you are announcing the birth of your baby to your loved ones and want to send them gifted, then you can use the following ideas and give new gifts to your loved ones.

  • Personalized chocolates.
  • Gift boxes.
  • Badges with nice wordings on it.
  • Fridge magnets.
  • Personalized cards.
  • Honey jars with a personalized wordings.

Personalized chocolates:

Sweets are something which is given at every joyous occasion. It is a tradition which followed in many cultures. Sweets bring more sweetness to the occasion. You can customize the chocolates based on the baby for having. If you have a baby girl, then you can have pink chocolates, and if you have a baby boy then you can have a blue color chocolate. If you happen to have twins, then you can theme the occasion according.

You can also personalize the chocolate cover and add some fancy wordings on the cover of the chocolates.

Gift boxes:

Many customized gift boxes are available in the market. You can have your favorite wordings on the gift boxes and keep some chocolates or sweets inside the box and give it off to people. The size of the gift boxes are also customizable do you order any size you want.

Badges with nice wordings on it:

Badges are one of the best gifts which can be given to a larger crowd. You can customize your badges and have nice workings on the badge and give those away to your loved ones.

Badges can be ordered in a large amount, and they make a good baby announcement gifts. You can also personalize the color of the badge. You can have blue badges for a boy and pink ones for a girl.

Fridge magnet:

Fridge magnets can be given to friends and family members. It is something which you will see every day and get reminded of the new joy in your family.

Personalized cards:

You can give away customized cards to your family and friends with a lovely wording on the card.  Cards are always something which makes information more personal to us.  So to announce the birth of your child, you can give away personalized cards.

Honey jars with a personalized wordings:

Honey just like chocolates is loved by everyone. It also brings out the sweetness to the occasion. Giving out honey jars can be quite different, and four guests will be surprised by this gift. You can add a nice wording on the cover of the bottle of honey which reminds people of the birth of your baby.