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Baby Announcement

A Baby Announcement Wording Ideas

The announcement of a baby is always a thing to remember. It’s an occasion which brings joy to everyone around you and all your loved ones.  Becoming parents is one of the greatest gifts, be it the first time or the third time, having a child is always a great pleasure, and it is something which needs to be celebrated.

Celebrations can be done in various ways. Sone dance to express their job, while others sing.  There are so many ways people express their joy.  You can also express hour happiness through words.

Words are something which is respected. Words indeed truly cut like a knife.  They deliver a powerful message, and people respect you for what your speakers and how you keep up your word.

Thus, on this beautiful occasion of announcing your baby, you can use words to tell people the joy you have in your heart.

Baby Announcement

You might have various customized gifts and might wonder what words to put on those gifts.

Words to use on the customized gifts:

  • The heavens have blessed us with a baby boy/girl.
  • We are pleased to tell you that we are going to have our first child.
  • As we welcome our child into our family, kindly have us in your prayers.
  • God has given us the perfect gift from above.
  • Our lives are complete now unless God decides to bless us with one more child.
  • God loved us so much that he gave us two of them.
  • This is the best thing that has ever happened to us.
  • God gave us the gift we never thought we would get.
  • More joy, more fun, more diapers and more sleepless nights.
  • Our lives just got more exciting with this new born.
  • Our first daughter was so much fun; god couldn’t wait to bless us with more fun. Our second daughter is also here now.
  • God just gave us another perfect gift.
  • Our family just expanded by six feet we just had triplets.
  • Our family just expanded by four feet, we just had twins.
  • Our house expanded by two feet, our baby, has come home.
  • Every perfect gift is from above. Bless us as we bring to our son/daughter into our life and home.
  • We welcome you to share this joyous occasion of the birth of our baby boy/girl.
  • How god blesses those, he loves. We are so glad to welcome our first/second/third child into our house.
  • I am sure we aren’t the only ones happy about the new member of our family.
  • We are glad to welcome our third child into the family. The more, the better and Merrier.

Wordings can be made formal or informal. It all depends on the gathering and the people you are announcing the arrival of your baby. Always choose words which would speak to the person who reads it.

You can also make the wording sound funny and attractive. Just make sure that it is not offensive to anyone.