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Absolutely beautiful work, Lisa! I never thought a birth announcement could be so lovely. Thank you for the personal communication and a great job capturing the moment." Kathleen, Denville NJ.


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"My mom is an OB/GYN at Mississippi. She sees so many birth announcements all of the time and she states yours always stand out nicely from the others because they are merely excellent. She and her partners highly recommend your services .


Top 5 cool ways to reveal the gender


No longer are people sticking to generic baby gender revealing texts and messages. People are taking things to a whole new level. And it is a momentous occasion to celebrate. Here in this article, we have looked into some cool ways to reveal your baby’s gender to your loved ones. FYI, the colour blue represents a boy and the colour pink represents a girl.

  1. Gotta Catchem all

If you are an anime fan or if you have grown up watching pokemon; we are sure you must have always dreamt of throwing a pokeball. Well now is the time to throw a pokeball at your awaiting guests and see it explode revealing the gender in a cloud of coloured smoke.

  1. Sorting Hat

Harry potter fans, we have got the perfect method for you. Gather your friends and family and lift the sorting hat; as the hat is hoisted up, you can see the gender being revealed by a coloured cloth inside. You can take things even further by attaching a scroll that can be opened to reveal whether your little one is going to be a witch or a wizard.

  1. May the force be with you

If you are a star wars nerd; then get an LED light saber and twirl it around as your guests wait in attendance to see whether you are going to be having a little princess Leia running around or a naughty luke sywalker who is ready to take your legacy forward.

  1. Piñata

This is quite a common tradition in most Spanish and Latin American families where the eldest sibling whacks a piñata to reveal the gender of the unborn baby. The entire event is like a celebration and is attended by almost all the family members. Usually the ceremony also has a big feast lined up to celebrate the birth of the yet to be born toddler. Expect a lot of partying with this sort of celebration.


  1. Smoke Bomb

A smoke Bomb is a lot of fun; some families take things as far as surprising the husband as well. There are a number of videos online wherein the mother throws a smoke bomb in the air, with the whole family along with her husband waiting in anticipation to see what the gender of the baby is going to be. Smoke bombs are a cheap option and don’t require much cost or preparation.

Regardless of what method you choose, remember that the occasion is of celebratory nature and needs to be well designed and planned out. Also remember that price isn’t everything and that you can make almost all of these things at the comfort of your home without having to shell big bucks for them. We would like to end this article by congratulating you on this momentous occasion.


How to take care of new-born babies

First time parents? Confused about how to take care about your new baby? Relax. You will figure it out with time. However, we have listed here a few pointers you can keep in mind while taking care of your baby and learning how to be a parent.


  • Holding your baby right is one of the first things you must learn. Your new-born may feel fragile and delicate to you, however don’t be hesitant to touch, handle or hold her! Truth be told, contemplates demonstrate that babies who are held for over 2 hours for each day flourish better and cry less. No child mind guide can be finished without this significant advice! Keep in mind Your new-born’s neck muscles are not yet developed, so you should support her head at whatever point you lift her up. You ought to likewise support her head against your shoulder or with your contrary hand while conveying her.


  • To comfort your infant, first endeavour to determine the cause of your child’s discomfort. Is your child hungry? Does she have gas? Does her diaper require changing? Is it time for a nap? Is your child over-stimulated by noise, lights or activity?


To help calm a sleepy or over-stimulated infant, hold her on your shoulder while gently rocking her. Sing or talk delicately to your infant reassure her with your calm voice. Rubbing your child’s back as you do as such can likewise help calm her. Attempt distinctive positions to discover one that is comfortable for both of you.


  • Numerous healthcare professionals concur that nothing is preferred for your new-born infant over breast milk. Nutritionally, it’s customized for your infant. Shockingly, some of the time moms can’t breastfeed, because of medical issues or other unique conditions. Consult your paediatrician on the best way to feed your new-born effectively. Regardless of how you choose to feed your child, dependably make sure to hold your infant while feeding. The cuddling that accompanies nursing and feeding helps in building a strong, loving bond between you and your child.


  • Some first-time guardians are astounded at what number of diapers their infant needs in a day. To make life less demanding for yourself, store a lot of diapers before you bring your child home. It’s likewise useful to figure out how to change your child’s diaper ahead of time (and even practice!). Likewise, be set up for nappy rashes as most children matured 0-2 years build up a diaper rash somehow. When you see the first sign of redness, apply a safe yet effective zinc oxide construct cream with respect to the diaper area


  • Your child’s sleep patterns change as she grows up. New-borns sleep through a maximum number of hours of the 24 hours, waking up regularly amid both day and night. All things being equal, you can even now start to build up a bedtime routine for your infant from as ahead of schedule as 6 to 8 weeks. Read up properly if you need to know about how to deal with infant after birth and plan her sleep routine as needs be!

How to handle a newborn baby?

Newborn babies are very delicate, and there are certain things you need to know before you handle them. Becoming parents for the first time can be overwhelming, but as you handle the baby, you will start to learn many things and understand how things work.  Going through pregnancy, labour and delivery can be tough, but the real deal comes after the baby is born. Both the parents need to work hand in hand to take care of the baby. You will lose ample amount of sleep, and you will become stressed. The following are some of the tips to help you handle a newborn baby:

Sanitise everything:

The immune systems of babies will not be fully developed, and thus you need to be very careful when you go near the baby. Always wash your hands while carrying the baby and make sure that all the baby products are sanitised and germ-free. They are at high risk for infections, and thus you need to be very careful not to allow any germs near the baby. Make sure to change the diaper frequently to prevent infections. You can also apply ointment to avoid rashes.

Learn how to hold the baby:

Newborn babies are very fragile, and you need to learn how to hold them before you can carry them. The newborn babies do not know how to hold their head, and thus you need to support it with your hand. When you are carrying the baby upright, make sure that you support the neck and the head of the baby.


Never shake the baby:

In our excitement, we tend to carry the baby too fast or shake it thinking that it will be fun for them. Bu shaking the baby can cause bleeding in the brain, and things can get out of control. Even if you want to wake the baby up, make sure that you are not shaking the baby. Gently tickle or tap on the baby’s feet to wake the baby.

Newborn babies are not tough enough to play with you:

You need to remember that your baby is very fragile and you need to be extremely careful while handling them. It is common that you will have the urge to play with the baby, but you need to be gentle while handling them. They are not ready for playing rough games with you or their older siblings or other kids.

Bond with your child:

While providing infant care, you need to bond with your baby. As parents, you can develop a deep connection with your baby, and when you are close to your baby, you can develop an emotional connection. You can talk to them and even sing to them. Babies will love listening to your voice, and they will be comfortable to be around you.


How to Keep Your Baby Healthy During the Summer


With the passing of winter and the change of season, there’s a lot to consider if you have a little baby in your home and while winter was scary enough paired with all the germs and colds, summer shouldn’t be taken lightly either.

Tips for Keeping Your Baby Healthy During Summer

  • Protect your baby from the sun

If you’ve been sunburnt, you know how bad the results are after being in the sun for that extra hour without sun protection. Now, imagine how bad it could be for your baby as they tend to have extremely sensitive skin and when compared to adults, very tiny immune systems. Another important thing to remember is that, just because the sun isn’t out and shining brightly in the sky, does not mean your baby is protected against it and that it’s not affecting your baby’s skin either. As step that is skipped on a regular basis when it comes to morning routines, some people do acknowledge the power of the sun and that even though it’s not extremely hot outside, their skin is still affected by it. It’s thus also important for adults to add sun protection to their skin, but no more than a 15 factor on a regular given day. For babies, however, you’ll have to add a 30 factor at least to keep the sun’s effects at bay. You should also never allow your baby to be in direct sunlight for too long either.


  • The dress attire is ‘cool’ mom.

No, we’re not talking about hip and on-trend clothing, but rather clothes that will make your baby feel comfortable and allow them to cool down as too much heat could cause your baby to dehydrate and lose water in his/her little body which can cause heat rashes and bacteria on your baby’s skin.

  • Don’t allow your baby near the pool or water unless you’re holding them

Unless you thought it’s okay for anyone else to take your baby in a pool, don’t. First of all, if your baby isn’t older than 12 weeks, you shouldn’t be exposing him/her to cold water in the first place. If older, it’s important to be with your baby as an accident can occur at any time.

  • Give your baby fluids regularly

During the summer, whether your baby is indoors or outdoors, heat can be very overwhelming and cause your baby to overheat and dehydrate. This is due to the fact that they can’t control they’re own body temperature effectively as adults do. If your baby has had a dry nappy for a long time, if his/her urine is dark or they’re lethargic, you need to give them proper fluids.




Foods you should never give babies


For every parent, it is a big step when they have to start giving solid food to their baby. Naturally, this is also a cause for confusion as to what should and shouldn’t be given to the baby. A child might be fascinated with every food item close to their mouths, it is the responsibility of the parent to filter and make sure only the good stuff enters the body of the child. The baby should be allowed to taste various items once it crosses the six-month threshold but before that it is essential to listen to health experts. Here’s a list of food items that should be avoided while feeding babies.



Honey is delicious but clostridium botulinum spores can also be caused by it. In a baby’s intestines, it may develop and cause infant botulism.

Peanut butter

Peanut butter, as the name suggests, is made from peanuts. This is a highly allergy causing nut and so is the thick tasty butter. Children also choke on it.

These vegetables

Nitrate levels in vegetables like spinach, fennel or lettuce are very high for an infant to digest. Their stomachs aren’t built to dissolve them and this in turn blocks their blood’s ability to transport oxygen.


These fishes

Mackerel, swordfish and tuna have extremely high mercury levels. These shouldn’t be given to an infant under any circumstances. However, fishes like cod, haddock or sole could be served to them after removing the bones.



Salt quantity which is less than 1 gram in a day also suffices the baby. Breast milk has all the essential needs and large amounts of sodium in an infant’s diet would cause problems in its system.


Berries and citrus

Citrus fruits contain high percentages of acid and may even causes rashes on an infant’s body in addition to an upset stomach. Berries like blueberries or raspberries have a protein which cannot be easily digested by them also.


Seeds and nuts

Seeds and nuts are highly allergic and also one of those food items that babies easily choke on. Since a child’s airway isn’t big, any tiny seed could also block it.



Grapes are one fruit that every kid like but it should not be given to them till they attain a certain age. Grapes are a good snack because they are filled with nutrients and are sweet, but they can’t be broken down completely.  This is a hazard as children might choke on it.


Egg whites

Although babies might love eggs, they run the risk of severe allergic reactions, especially to egg whites.  This is a very common situation which might be avoided by separating the egg whites and cooking the yolk part of the egg thoroughly before serving it to the child.


Tips for Flying with an Infant or Toddler


Flying is one of the weirdest experiences that you can ever have, and it is going to be much worse if you are doing it for the first time. Not all of us love flying. This is because of the pull that we have in the tummy when you are moving against the gravity, and also sometimes you can get sick on board and throw up the whole travel. What is going to be much riskier than that is travelling with an infant. You will have to take a lot of measures to make sure that your travel is problem-free. So here are some of the tips that will help you out in such cases.

Have it in excess:

As a mother, you will always know what your child needs, make sure you pack all of it and when it comes to flying with a baby, make sure you prioritise the child’s needs more than yours. This way your travel with the child is always pleasant. But what if you ran out the supplies that you had brought on-board. That can be an embarrassment. That is why we always carry you to carry in excess, more than what you actually require.

Pay for extra space:

You will have to keep changing the directions that you sit in if you have the bay placed on your lap. To make it convenient, you need to have a lot of space or else you are going to disturb the person next to you and also strain yourself. One way to get out of this is to pay for extra leg room and get enough space as your rightful accommodation. This way you are making this much easier.

Never go for last minute plans:

This is one thing that most parents are aware of, but we still keep it here as a reminder. Most of you will know that you are carrying a baby and last minutes plans will not work out, but still, we tend to do something or the other. Even if it going to be something as simple as getting your gadgets charged, it is better if you can do it well in advance before you get on board.

Make proper use of the boarding time:

In case if you are boarding with your family and in the event that you have a toddler premium, few airlines give you the opportunity to board the flight during the family time that is before the other passengers could board. You can make use of this and get the kid accustomed to the situation, but if your child is not going to like dumped spaces, then you might have to wait with others to board and make the kid feel pleasant.

Be ready to face the unknown:


Regardless of how much you have prepared, there shall arise situations that you have prepared yourself for. There will always be impromptu encounters when it comes to flying and babies. So make sure that you are always ready to face the unknown. All you have to do is to have in store a lot of courage and tackle the situation with the presence of mind.

A Baby Announcement Wording Ideas

Baby Announcement

The announcement of a baby is always a thing to remember. It’s an occasion which brings joy to everyone around you and all your loved ones.  Becoming parents is one of the greatest gifts, be it the first time or the third time, having a child is always a great pleasure, and it is something which needs to be celebrated.

Celebrations can be done in various ways. Sone dance to express their job, while others sing.  There are so many ways people express their joy.  You can also express hour happiness through words.

Words are something which is respected. Words indeed truly cut like a knife.  They deliver a powerful message, and people respect you for what your speakers and how you keep up your word.

Thus, on this beautiful occasion of announcing your baby, you can use words to tell people the joy you have in your heart.

Baby Announcement

You might have various customized gifts and might wonder what words to put on those gifts.

Words to use on the customized gifts:

  • The heavens have blessed us with a baby boy/girl.
  • We are pleased to tell you that we are going to have our first child.
  • As we welcome our child into our family, kindly have us in your prayers.
  • God has given us the perfect gift from above.
  • Our lives are complete now unless God decides to bless us with one more child.
  • God loved us so much that he gave us two of them.
  • This is the best thing that has ever happened to us.
  • God gave us the gift we never thought we would get.
  • More joy, more fun, more diapers and more sleepless nights.
  • Our lives just got more exciting with this new born.
  • Our first daughter was so much fun; god couldn’t wait to bless us with more fun. Our second daughter is also here now.
  • God just gave us another perfect gift.
  • Our family just expanded by six feet we just had triplets.
  • Our family just expanded by four feet, we just had twins.
  • Our house expanded by two feet, our baby, has come home.
  • Every perfect gift is from above. Bless us as we bring to our son/daughter into our life and home.
  • We welcome you to share this joyous occasion of the birth of our baby boy/girl.
  • How god blesses those, he loves. We are so glad to welcome our first/second/third child into our house.
  • I am sure we aren’t the only ones happy about the new member of our family.
  • We are glad to welcome our third child into the family. The more, the better and Merrier.

Wordings can be made formal or informal. It all depends on the gathering and the people you are announcing the arrival of your baby. Always choose words which would speak to the person who reads it.

You can also make the wording sound funny and attractive. Just make sure that it is not offensive to anyone.

Baby Birth Announcement Gifts

Baby Birth Announcement Gifts

Announcing the birth of your child is always a joy to the family, friends and loved ones.  A new member of the family is always a happy news. The baby is certainly a gift from above.

On this special occasion, you always want to give away gifts to your friends and family members. Giving a gift while announcing the birth of your baby adds on to the joy. Gifts are given in many happy occasion; a baby announcement time is also one such happy occasion which requires gifts.

Baby Birth Announcement Gifts

So if you are announcing the birth of your baby to your loved ones and want to send them gifted, then you can use the following ideas and give new gifts to your loved ones.

  • Personalized chocolates.
  • Gift boxes.
  • Badges with nice wordings on it.
  • Fridge magnets.
  • Personalized cards.
  • Honey jars with a personalized wordings.

Personalized chocolates:

Sweets are something which is given at every joyous occasion. It is a tradition which followed in many cultures. Sweets bring more sweetness to the occasion. You can customize the chocolates based on the baby for having. If you have a baby girl, then you can have pink chocolates, and if you have a baby boy then you can have a blue color chocolate. If you happen to have twins, then you can theme the occasion according.

You can also personalize the chocolate cover and add some fancy wordings on the cover of the chocolates.

Gift boxes:

Many customized gift boxes are available in the market. You can have your favorite wordings on the gift boxes and keep some chocolates or sweets inside the box and give it off to people. The size of the gift boxes are also customizable do you order any size you want.

Badges with nice wordings on it:

Badges are one of the best gifts which can be given to a larger crowd. You can customize your badges and have nice workings on the badge and give those away to your loved ones.

Badges can be ordered in a large amount, and they make a good baby announcement gifts. You can also personalize the color of the badge. You can have blue badges for a boy and pink ones for a girl.

Fridge magnet:

Fridge magnets can be given to friends and family members. It is something which you will see every day and get reminded of the new joy in your family.

Personalized cards:

You can give away customized cards to your family and friends with a lovely wording on the card.  Cards are always something which makes information more personal to us.  So to announce the birth of your child, you can give away personalized cards.

Honey jars with a personalized wordings:

Honey just like chocolates is loved by everyone. It also brings out the sweetness to the occasion. Giving out honey jars can be quite different, and four guests will be surprised by this gift. You can add a nice wording on the cover of the bottle of honey which reminds people of the birth of your baby.

Tips for Baby Care

Baby Care

Babies are a gift from above. It is always a joy to have babies in our family. Many of us feel that babies are adorable and nice. They are cute, but babies are a great deal to take care. Newborn babies are very delicate, and they need constant care and attention.  Even though they will be sleeping most of the time, you will constantly have to check if they need something.

As the baby slowly grows the responsibility increases. They become naughtier, and they start to learn many things. You need to make sure that they learn the right things and keep their tantrum under control.

Baby Care

Taking care of a baby can be hard, but in the end, it’s all worth the pain. So if you happen to have a baby in your house, the following are some of the tips you can use to take care of them:

  • Be extra careful while bathing your newborn.
  • Diaper needs to be often changed.
  • Make sure that you burp the baby after they eat or drink milk.
  • Do not carry the baby outside till the baby has become little bigger.

Be extra careful while bathing your newborn:

Newborn babies need to be given a bath. So while you bath the baby, you must be very careful as their head is not quite stable and you need to hold their head.

Make sure that the water temperature is just correct. Don’t make it too cold or too warm. Always feel the temperature with your hand and then pour it on the baby.

Always keep the baby clean and even if you don’t bath them make sure that you wipe them with a wet towel and keep them clean.

Also, make sure that your baby is always kept dry.  Never leave the baby wet as they can catch Inna cold.

Diaper needs to be often changed:

Do not have the same diaper on the baby for a long time. They can get soggy, and this may cause rashes in your baby. Having a diaper for a long time can also cause many infections.

Make sure that you burp the baby after they eat or drink milk:

Always pat the baby on the back so that the food that you gave the baby goes into its stomach. Often babies tend to spit or vomit the food out. So you got to burp them by patting them on the back.

Do not carry the baby outside till the baby has become little bigger:

Never take a newborn baby outside, especially if the place is polluted with lots of people roaming around. During the initial stages, it is advisable to keep the baby inside the house where the environment is clean and healthy.  If you happen to take the baby outside, they might catch a cold or some germs can harm them.

They can catch on infections and other allergies when you take the baby outside to a polluted area.

Baby Shower Tradition in The United States of America

Baby Shower Tradition in The United States of America

Baby showers are given to pregnant women who are expecting to have their baby very soon.  A small celebration is done, and people give gifts to the mother and await the new member in the family.

In many cultures, the baby shower is a way to celebrate a girl transforming into motherhood. While in the USA, a baby shower is usually celebrated for the pregnant mother, and she is given gifts. Mostly women are invited to the baby shower, and they have a small party and give away gifts to the women who is pregnant and is expecting her baby.

The term baby shower itself tells us that the mother of the baby is being showered with gifts.

The party or the celebration is usually conducted by the close friend or by the sister of the women who is expecting her baby.

Close family members and loved ones also take the initiative and plan out the baby shower.

Baby Shower Tradition in The United States of America

In this article, you will be reading about the baby showers which are hosted in the United States of America.

  • Gifts.
  • Baby shower celebrations.
  • Baby shower food.
  • Baby announcement tips.


As we all guess from the term baby shower, that the pregnant mother is being showered with gifts from her friends, family and all the other loved ones. Mostly ladies are invited to the baby shower, and one of her close friends or a close member of the family usually host the baby shower.

Gifts are usually baby themed. Many people give baby diapers, feeding bottles, baby towels, blankets, clothes for the baby and toys.

Sometimes gifts for the mother is also given during the baby shower.

Baby shower celebrations:

Since the close friend or loved one of the pregnant women arranges the baby shower, she usually makes it in such a way that the expected mother could enjoy her baby shower.

The pregnant mother is usually tensed about the delivery and various other things. So this celebration is a way to calm her down and make her happy and feel good about the baby which is going to come.

Baby shower food:

The baby shower is usually celebrated during tea time.  Sometime in the morning or the evening, the close friends of the expecting mother are invited, and the baby shower is celebrated.

Usually, tea is given out to the guest, and personalized cakes and chocolates are also given out.

Personalized biscuits and other snacks are given out to the guests. Few parties also arrange for a small lunch or dinner for the guests who come for the baby shower.

Baby announcement tips:

The baby announcement is sometimes made after the birth of the baby, but sometimes it is also done during the baby shower. You can give away take away gifts to show your thankfulness to the guests who come to your party.

You can also use fancy personalized cards with some nice wording on the card.  Personalized cards can be a great way to show your show your love and care.